Privacy Policy

BrisBears has adopted a set of principles that demonstrate our commitment to privacy. We have set out these principles so that you are aware of how we gather, update and distribute personal information.


BRISBEARS only collect information that we feel is relevant to perform the activities necessary to pursue our objectives as a social club. Our objective is not to hold information about you that is not required to be held.


Upon written request to the BRISBEARS Secretary, assuming there are no legal reasons preventing us from doing so, BRISBEARS will provide you with details of all personal information that we hold about you within a reasonable time period. You will be able to review this information and advise us of any amendments to the data held and may request BRISBEARS to delete any information held. Additionally, you may decline to take part in certain activities in the future by expressly advising us in writing. We will apply your instructions as soon as it is possible to do so.


BRISBEARS will not on-sell personal information to outside parties. We will provide personal information to third parties where:

  1. We are required to by law.
  2. Where it is reasonable for us to do so in the spirit of providing services to you.
  3. Where our advisors request it or where you have expressly asked us to do so.

At times we may use this information for direct mailing; emailing, for purposes whereby we consider that the information supplied may be of benefit to you. We retain this information only for as long as necessary to fulfil our provision of services to you and to comply with any legal requirements.

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