NEX Events

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Ca-Bear-et Jungle Show

When: Thursday 19 October 2017 from 7:00 PM

Where: Sportsman Hotel, Spring Hill

Included in: Gold and Platinum pass, Individual sales at door.  

Start your NEX 2017- Welcome to the Jungle journey with some talented bears putting on a show for you (including the hot committee). An evening where you could grab a beer, or two or four, and relax and watch some bears and bear lovers dance, sing and showcase their talents on stage for a spectacular cubearet show. A good opportunity for you to mingle and meet some interstate and international visitors here for a four-day fun and furry weekend. Hosted by the very talented Brisbears social club’s secre-daddy, Victor Meirinhos. You could grab some delicious dinner from the Sportsman Hotel before the show begins and the curtains rise.


 Brazilian Feast

When: Friday 20 October 2017 from 12:00 PM

Where: Navala, Eagle Street Pier 

 Included in: Platinum pass only.

 Do you like meat? Are you a man with a “healthy” appetite?

Join us for the Bearzilian feast, a sit down array of Brazilian BBQ buffet at Navala Churrascaria. Choose from a variety of meats and different cuts along with a dozen side dishes including crumb fried bananas and cinnamon crusted pineapple. This lip smacking feast will satisfy your hunger, and what better than doing it with a view of the Brisbane River and company of a room full of fellow bears. Oh, and did we mention it’s all you can EAT!!



When: Friday 20 October 2017 from 9:00 PM

Where: Sportsman Hotel, Spring Hill

Included in: Platinum pass, gold pass, individual tickets, door sales (*subject to availability- If event is sold out, its sold out)

 Ever wondered how exotic it would be being lost in the middle of a jungle with hundreds of sexy bears, nearly naked? Brisbears will make your dreams come true. One of the busiest evenings of the year, The Underbear Party is a mandatory underwear (and shoes) only themed party. A great evening for you to let your hair down, and enjoy the drinks, music and lots and lots of bears in an underwear. This jungle party promises a wild, rough and adventurous experience that’ll have you growling.

Note: Cloak room available, compulsory underwear only dress code.


Rock Pool Party

When: Saturday 21 October 2017 from 1:00PM to 4:00 PM

Where: Spring Hill Baths

Included in: Platinum pass, gold pass, individual tickets, door sales.

 Hungover from previous night? The jungle witch doctor has a cure for you!!

Jump into a lovely pool full of bears and let yourself wet. You can swim, float or just hold onto a fellow bear to save yourself from sinking. The pool party is not only great for your recovery from previous night, but also a good opportunity to mingle with some hot bears in their swimmers if you’ve missed the underbear. Join in for a nice (hopefully sunny) afternoon in a nice warm pool.


Hunt for Mr Bear Competition

When: Saturday 21 October 2017 from 9:00 PM

Where: Sportsman Hotel, Spring Hill

Included in: Platinum pass, gold pass, individual tickets, door sales.

Bored of beauty pageants? Well this one will leave you gobsmacked. Bears fighting for the glorious crown and title of Mr. Bear QLD, with smile and grace and hair. With a number of different rounds for judges to select and the audience to enjoy, we have an evening planned with lots of entertainment for you’ll. Watch some bears showcase their talents, wear the least minimal clothes and answer some questions on the spot. At midnight, when the clock ticks 12, you’ll be introduced to the new Mr. Bear QLD 2017/18.


Jungle Chillout

When: Sunday 22 October from 12:00 PM

Where: Brunswick Hotel, New Farm

Included in: Free Event.

Tired? Exhausted? Had a fun long weekend? Come unwind with us at the chill out at the beer garden at Brunswick Hotel in New Farm. Grab a drink, maybe a bite, and socialise with the lovely NEX attendees and Brisbears members. As the evening unfolds, bid goodbyes to our committee members and your new NEX2017 friends before we see you again next year!