The Brisbears Committee 


David Hill – President. 

G’day (in my best Pommy/Aussie hybrid drawl)

I started attending Brisbears events after relocating to Brisbane in the middle of 2017. Initially, I joined out of duress from my nagging partner, who had been a member for many years. I needed to make connections outside of us as a “Couple”. Contrary to popular belief, when I am in a group of strangers, I am actually quite the wallflower. This is not a mantle I like to wear, so I thought I’d better change that. Last year I surprised everyone when I put my hand up for Committee (Especially my Partner, who was livid). It was one of the best impulsive things I have ever done. I have loved it. Over that year, I made some great friends in Brisbears. This year it is time to continue the journey. I am really looking forward to serving you as the President of Brisbears. 

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that the Big Grumpy Bear in the corner is probably just bashful and needs lovin’ too –  So please everyone chat, say hi to the guy on his own. We are all just as shy as each other, even the loud ones !!


Les Smith – Vice President

I moved to Brisbane from Sydney and never dreamed I would carve out a successful 36 year DJ career in the LGBTQI community, go on to also serve on the Brisbane Pride Festival Committee and also serve for several years as a normal committee member for Brisbears. I am extremely honoured to have been elected to the position of Vice President for this year’s committee. 

My Monday to Friday job is working for a subsidiary of Bridgestone Australia that helps keep Australia’s trucks and buses on the road. I am also part of the KLM Productions trio, a strong supporter and sponsor of Brisbears for the past 5 years.

I have found Brisbears to be a very social and accepting community and I have been proud to have been involved in the implementation and production of a variety of exciting and fun events and nights for Brisbears. I look forward to what we can do for our community during the tenure of this current committee.


Aaron Chalmers – Treasurer

Hi Everyone, 

I am looking forward to what 2019 brings to Brisbears and to myself! 
Previously been on the Brisbears committee back in 2009 and 2010 in which I was Webmaster first year and Secretary the other and excited to be Treasurer this year.

In my spare time I workout at the gym more weights than cardio, unfortunately! Have been known to shop for a bargain on the weekend at op-shops to my partner’s dismay. This year want to become more active with fishing, kayaking and blow the dust off my road bike.

Also looking forward to a bit of travel time permitting and getting to know my fellow Brisbears throughout the coming year!


 Brad Nott – Acting Secretary

 I moved to Brisbane in 2003 after going through treatment for Stage 4 Melanoma. I first became involved in Brisbears after a bear from Sydney took me along to a Wet Fur event in 2012. Since then I have remained a member and was invited to join the Committee in 2013. I enjoy taking part in all of our events as it allows me to get out of my own headspace which means that I actually socialise with other bears instead of isolating myself most of the time.


Alan Linnewebber – Mr Qld Bear 2018 / Committee

“I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo.” It might be Radiohead lyrics but it also applies here. I’m a Brissy boy, born and bred. For various reasons, I didn’t really go out much or take part in the gay scene and community until a few years ago. When I did start coming out I didn’t find many places I felt comfortable until a mate brought me along to Bears. For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to make it along to every Den Night I could and loved every minute. I’m really happy to be on the committee this year as I really want to try to give back to the Bear community even just a fraction of what the community has done for me. My life has changed dramatically in the last few years and Bears has been a large part of that.

Oh, and I’m the current Mr Bear Qld title-holder. Can’t forget that.


John Batchelar – Committee

Hmm. A bit about myself. 
I moved from Sydney in 2000 didn’t know there was Brisbears until 2 years ago after my life changed for me dramatically. I joined the committee this year to give back to the community and for my own personal growth




Nicolai Bok – Committee

G’day everyone, former Tasmanian turned Brisbanite 9 years ago. Brisbane has well and truly become home, in part many thanks to Brisbears and the friends I have made through the club. There have been lots of fun memories over the last few years from various events and I am looking forward to working with the club to help bring many more.



Steven Hay – Committee

My name is Steve Hay and I am relatively new to the BrisBears community. I have had an extremely warm welcome and have met some amazing people so far. 

I originate from Toowoomba And hope to move to Brisbane in the not too distant future. In the hopes to further my career in horticulture and expand my friend network. 

I have been involved in community fundraisers in Toowoomba for many years and love helping and volunteering within the local community.  I look forward to becoming involved with Brisbears as I really love the community that the group has become.

Everyone is so friendly. Thanks for accepting me with open arms.

Ian Platell – Committee

Hello I’m Ian

Many of you may know me from my previous year with the Brisbears Committee. I’m looking forward to working with the current committee on new social activities for members as well as other areas identified by David in his speech at the AGM, and including finalising initiatives identified by the previous committee

A little about me… I’m a seasoned traveller having moved to the southwest of Brisbane from the south of Brisbane and I have a wide range of interests from motorbikes to crochet and all kinds of things in between. This year I plan to get back into my studies in social work